Lombardi Undersea LLC has been in the business of advanced diving for over 20 years, with work in both the academic and industrial space.  We actively support local and regional projects and programs that require contract diving and related consulting services, and engage in specialized projects globally.

We reinvest heavily into evolving the advanced diving technology and techniques through a unique partnership with Ocean Opportunity Inc., a 501(c)3 not for profit organization.

Our niche is in developing specialized tools and techniques that make divers more efficient, cost-effective, and a valuable tool within both industrial and academic settings. We have developed items from as simple as lighting and camera systems, specimen collectors, and routine diver dress, to as complex as our own life support.

This site lists items for sale that have found some consumer market success, and is far from our full portfolio. We produce limited runs of these specialized items with our partners, and maintain a small inventory. As we develop new tools, we often produce short runs to test the market, so our consumer product portfolio may vary from time to time.

Please contact us for specialized services, custom assemblies and integrated solutions, R&D partnerships, or to inquire on becoming a distributor for specific items. 

Our Middletown, Rhode Island facility is constantly evolving to meet customer demands and expand our internal capabilities.