Regulator Set - SSA Bailout

Regulator Set - SSA Bailout

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This regulator set is intended for conventional diver-worn Surface Supplied Air (SSA) bailout. Includes our environmentally sealed balanced diaphragm first stage (DIN), a 400bar brass pressure gauge, SS high flow quick disconnect whips for diver and hat, and a DIN/yoke adapter. 

This is an economical option with high quality components for a long service life. First stage meets EN CE250.

Features & Benefits 

  • environmentally sealed first stage for contaminated water
  • 36" supply hose, 12" hat feed hose
  • 26" HP hose to place gauge at harness chest strap
  • OPRV fit to first stage
  • ruggedized overbuilt hoses for 400psi service
  • DIN regulator for most secure connection. Yoke adapter provided.