Lombardi Undersea LLC has been in the business of underwater intervention for over 25 years, providing products and services across numerous diving fields - inshore construction, engineering, utility infrastructure, harbor services, husbandry, scientific exploration, marine science, aquaculture, marine harvesting, prospecting, and other working environments.

Our proven niche is in developing and applying tools and technologies that make diving more efficient, cost-effective, and viewed as a more valuable tool. This often requires cross-bridging techniques from industrial and academic settings and at times navigating complex or conflicting regulatory requirements.

Why work with us?
We reinvest heavily into community activities through a unique partnership with Ocean Opportunity Inc., a 501(c)3 not for profit organization.

Research & Development

Together with our partners, we've developed items from as simple as lighting and camera systems, specimen collectors, and routine diver dress, to as complex as our own life support. Our approach is to offer economical solutions that are simple but robust - everything we offer has evolved through practical demonstrated experience working underwater.

This site lists items for sale that have found some consumer market success, though is far from our full portfolio - we often produce short runs to test the market, so our consumer offerings may vary from time to time. We stock components and assemblies for design/build integrated systems for several diving modes. The types of projects we're involved with include:

  • custom rebreather assemblies and modifications
  • non-invasive ventilation testing and research
  • underwater habitat development
  • life systems integration
  • custom subsea camera and lighting systems
  • custom tooling for manned and unmanned vehicles
  • custom pneumatic and hydraulic hose or tool assemblies
  • subsea power supplies