Contract RDTE

Lombardi Undersea LLC is pleased to offer contract Research, Development, Technology, & Engineering (RDTE) services. We have light in-house production capabilities, work with a network of reputable suppliers and partners to scale solutions when needed, and excel in project management to accomplish project goals.

Our products and services target a unique industry cross-sector at the interplay of commercial diving with technical diving with respiratory care/management with subsea robotics:

  • custom rebreather assemblies and modifications
  • non-invasive ventilation testing and research
  • systems integration
  • custom camera and lighting systems
  • custom tooling for manned and unmanned vehicles
  • subsea power supplies
  • PCB design
  • small parts prototyping
  • vacuum forming
  • potted electrical & pneumatic assemblies
  • light plastics and metals fabrication
  • MIG/TIG/Arc welding
  • fiberglass repairs and custom molding
  • pressure testing to 500psi
  • HP cylinder fills to 4000psi (CGA Grade E air, oxygen, nitrox, mixed-gas)

Most of our work is to meet internal needs, however occasionally we produce short product or subassembly runs to test commercial waters with our partners.

 REDLINE integrated life system

Contact us at to discuss custom work.