HPAP Teaching Kit - coming soon!

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Helmet CPAP (hCPAP) techniques gained visibility during the Covid-19 pandemic as an important and effective mode to manage respiratory distress, offering distinct advantages:

1. Improved patient tolerance (vs masks)

2. Versatility to deliver optimum PEEP and FiO2 using a variety of flow sources 

3. Containment of aerosolized virus or secretions

This kit includes the required fittings, filters, tubing, and adapters to train practitioners on 3 simple hCPAP techniques:

1. hCPAP using a CPAP machine

2. hCPAP using wall gasses

3. hCPAP using a high flow HPAP Venturi 

Instructional guidance documentation is provided within the kit, and illustrates proper setups, flow rates, oxygen titration charts, and provides additional considerations for effective treatments. 

Note: this kit is intended for educational or instructional purposes only. All included components are produced from FDA compliant materials.