Hotwater Spider Valve - No Bypass
Hotwater Spider Valve - No Bypass
Hotwater Spider Valve - No Bypass

Hotwater Spider Valve - No Bypass

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Hotwater 'spider' valve assembly to convert any wetsuit into a hotwater suit. This proven design is simple, and more cost-effective than trying to "piece it all together" at the plumbing store. Tried and true design which has evolved over more than 15 years of field use. More than 200 units in the field.

Comes stock with a garden hose male fitting, and flexible latex surgical tubing that runs to the arms, legs, and torso.

May ship in white or black, pending stock availability, and may have minor blemishes.

To install in your wetsuit:

  1. Cut small slit in the chest - be sure to check location with your harness on so straps do not interfere with valve.
  2. Install valve, sandwiching the suit between the black rubber gaskets.
  3. Run tubes down arms and legs. Leave long so they run into gloves and boots.
  4. The 5th hose can hang freely in torso, or flip the valve around to run up to a wet hood or bandmask hood.
  5. The exterior block can be loosely threaded on.
  6. Hook up water and go diving*
  7. after a few dives, you will see where pockets of water balloon out your suit. Make small cuts in these areas for drainage as necessary.

*Note: it is highly recommended to install your preference of water shutoff or bypass in line with the suit valve.

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