4-pin Cable to Molex Harness with washdown gland

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4-pin cable (female) terminated for the RD1 rebreather through our washdown bulkhead (included).


  • 0.6m length allows ease of running to right or left wrist when mated to a matching computer, with some extra for a future reterm
  • splice is potted for longevity 
  • 90-degree wash down bulkhead
  • 3-cell molex harness

For us with the RD1 rebreather, the washdown bulkhead should be fit to the high side of the inhalation lid. Use t-tape or a dab of silicone sealant on the threads. The entire wire harness may be removed through the bulkhead. A standard US garden hose will fit the bulkhead for a thorough internal unit rinse.